About the DMASA

The Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMASA) has made tremendous progress in mobilising the industry after the dissolution of the MFSA. And so, it was evident that direct marketers required a body to both regulate and protect the industry. The DMA again established itself as an independent body in November 2005 representing not only direct marketers, but with a focus on the consumer too.

Since this time, the DMA has worked hard in terms of addressing the challenges that lie ahead for the direct industry in the face of legislative issues, as well as raising the bar on professionalism. Key to the DMA’s activities going forward will be the promotion and expansion of Direct Marketing within the country and into Africa.

The DMASA aims to protect both the industry and consumers from unethical and/or ignorant practitioners and lobbies against adverse legislation from government and other regulatory bodies.

The Association in South Africa is an affiliate of the international Direct Marketing Association, which has representation in 46 countries. While remaining a separate entity, the DMASA is globally aligned and has strong ties throughout the network, giving it access to global insights on the DMA’s key functions and areas of contribution. Over and above its role as protector, the DMA also set out to promote best practice and raise the standard of Direct Marketing through the origination and regular updating of DM Codes of Practice, best practice guidelines as well as training and skills development.A

The DMASA’s annual Assegai Awards are designed to benchmark and continuously raise the bar in respect of the creative effectiveness, strategic importance and profitability of direct campaigns, projects and business. Other initiatives include tariff negotiations with primary industry suppliers on behalf of members, lobbying on data privacy issues, database protection, and anti-spamming issues. DMASA is also committed to providing members with formalised education, networking forums offering the latest information, and providing informed legal opinions. For more information go to www.dmasa.org