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Are you in the know?

"Life's a contact sport", they say... It isn't just WHAT you know; it's also about WHO you know. Have you made the right connections with your campaign? Is your work making its mark in the Direct Marketing industry? If you have, you have achieved success. If you haven't, maybe it's time to...

get out your Little Black Book it's time to make the right connections...

Welcome to the 2013 Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards, where your talent for making the right connections is rewarded and showcased. Has your campaign touched the right audience? Did the Return On Investment prove you know you have an innate understanding of your target market?

If you are passionate about getting your message across, committed to creating the best campaign you can and have that elusive in-the-know quality, you're the winner we're looking for!

Direct Mail


Welcome, also, to the opportunity to be in the DMASA Little Black Book. Whether you are an agency, a sponsor, a corporate company, SME, or a supplier, this is the place to be to make the right Direct Marketing connections. Sign up, register, become a link in the chain, an entry in the Little Black Book, a contender to watch out for in the industry... because the 2013 Assegai Awards are here to help you connect.

This year, we want to help you grow your business, and we also want to grow the Direct Marketing industry, creating a closer, more integrated and connected South African Direct Marketing profession. Let's create strength in numbers, let's build a portal where direct marketers can find and offer support. Let's create an industry that's not about individuals, but is about connecting, about opportunities, and about collaboration.

Press release:

Assegai Awards 2013 - Presented by the South African Post Office announces Top Direct and Interactive Marketing Winners

About the DMASA

The Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMASA) has made tremendous progress in mobilising the industry after the dissolution of the MFSA. And so, it was evident that direct marketers required a body to both regulate and protect the industry. The DMA again established itself as an independent body in November 2005 representing not only direct marketers, but with a focus on the consumer too.

Since this time, the DMA has worked hard in terms of addressing the challenges that lie ahead for the direct industry in the face of legislative issues, as well as raising the bar on professionalism. Key to the DMA's activities going forward will be the promotion and expansion of Direct Marketing within the country and into Africa.

The DMASA aims to protect both the industry and consumers from unethical and/or ignorant practitioners and lobbies against adverse legislation from government and other regulatory bodies.


The Association in South Africa is an affiliate of the international Direct Marketing Association, which has representation in 46 countries. While remaining a separate entity, the DMASA is globally aligned and has strong ties throughout the network, giving it access to global insights on the DMA's key functions and areas of contribution. Over and above its role as protector, the DMA also set out to promote best practice and raise the standard of Direct Marketing through the origination and regular updating of DM Codes of Practice, best practice guidelines as well as training and skills development.

The DMASA's annual Assegai Awards are designed to benchmark and continuously raise the bar in respect of the creative effectiveness, strategic importance and profitability of direct campaigns, projects and business. Other initiatives include tariff negotiations with primary industry suppliers on behalf of members, lobbying on data privacy issues, database protection, and anti-spamming issues. DMASA is also committed to providing members with formalised education, networking forums offering the latest information, and providing informed legal opinions. For more information go to

About the Awards

Why do we need the Assegai Awards?

Good Direct Marketing is all about making the perfect connection. Just like an assegai finds its mark with pin-point precision, a successful Direct Marketing campaign is targeted, clear and focused. The Assegai Awards were created to recognise and reward those who excel in Direct Marketing.

Since their inception, the Assegai Awards have striven to benchmark the Direct Marketing industry, to highlight the best of the best and encourage all players in the industry to work towards achieving greatness in their campaigns. Every year, the DMASA and the market see new and clearer trends emerging, and we want to capture these ... we want to make sure everyone in the industry is connected to the latest happenings, so that future campaigns drive towards one goal – successful, interesting, exceptional marketing. The Assegai Awards 2013 are about getting together to make those connections in our Little Black Book.

An Assegai Award does not give honours for extravagant production values, enormous budgets or big-name companies. Rather, it aims at breakthrough strategy, creative brilliance and outstanding results in all Direct Marketing media, from mail and print to digital, from mobile to broadcast. A DMA Assegai Award is a mark of victory in Direct Marketing excellence.

History of the Awards

The journey of the Assegai has been long and storied...

The Direct Marketing Association of South Africa recognised a need in the market for a high-profile event that would serve not only as an acknowledgement of excellent work done, but also as a networking forum for players in the Direct Marketing field. In 1998, Michelle Perrow, DMA Board member, was tasked with the creation of the awards and assumed the Chair of Awards on the Board, responsible for bringing the envisioned event to life.

The first order of business was naming the award, and, following industry submissions and a vote, the overwhelming majority of members selected the "Assegai" as the symbol of Direct Marketing excellence. This symbol speaks of the ability to aim at and find your target – of "spearing a specific niche". The DMASA Assegai Committee then exhaustively studied best-of-breed international programmes and structured the Assegai Awards to suit all direct media and meet all criteria.

From inception right through to 2003/4, the Assegais proved highly successful, attracting hundreds of entries and full attendance at the gala evenings. Through experience and by adopting a "learning" approach, the architecture and judging criteria were refined and perfected. However, in 2004, under the MFSA, the Assegais were integrated into the Loerie Awards.

This ultimately proved unsuccessful, with one award focusing mainly on the creative component and the Assegais on ROI. 2005: The year the DMA was re-established saw no awards and, in 2006, the DMA created a "direct" section within the newly established Marketing Excellence Awards.

The market wanted their Assegais back, though, and these were successfully re-launched in 2007, independent of other awards. Since then, the Assegais have moved from strength to strength, adding and revising categories in line with market trends and developments, as well as significantly increasing the number of entries year-on-year, bearing testimony to the growing impact of Direct Marketing in South Africa.

About the Awards »»

From the desk of Vikesh Roopchand, DMASA Chairman »»

From the desk of Vikesh Roopchand, DMASA Chairman

Welcome to the DMASA Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards 2013, in association with our key sponsor, the South African post Office.

It gives us great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to all participants in this year's Assegai Awards. We are more inspired than ever to take this accolade to the next level of distinction in the awards arena. As the Assegai Awards grow in prominence, so does the prestige of taking an Assegai home.

We are looking forward to a thoroughly exciting and highly competitive 2013 rendition of the awards. Since the re-inception of the Assegais in 2007, the case studies entered into the Assegai Awards prove beyond any reasonable doubt that direct works harder and better than any other channel available to marketers. The growth in Direct Marketing over the last two to three years has not been seen in small, incremental spikes, but rather huge leaps and bounds. Clearly there is a revolution afoot as more and more marketers get to grips and fall in love with the real value and science that is great Direct Marketing.

More companies, including some of the largest global blue chips, are shifting their ad spend to include more Direct Marketing along with other diverse marketing services such as public relations, activations, sales promotions and interactive, all of which involve some form of direct or response mechanism. This is all in bid to reach their increasingly sophisticated target audiences and break through the clutter that to a great extent has created an advertising-averse consumer who is tired of being spoken to and now demands dialogue rather than dictation. The time for conversations is long overdue!

The days of commoditised mass marketing are fast coming to an end to deliver a healthy, active industry that conforms to the highest standards and ethics, but most importantly will deliver a marketing practice that is explicitly designed to talk with consumers in dialogue that is tailored to their needs, requirements and personal existence. "Goodbye Mr Mass Marketing, hello Mr Direct, yes thank you, the wife and kids are doing beautifully, Johnny started school this year. How are things with you?"

In an entirely unexpected way, the economic slump has been the catalyst that forced complacent brand fat cats to sit up and take notice; it put paid to market share arrogance and it beat the living daylights out of slackers, the unfocused and the uninventive. Many marketers realised that the so-called bandied cliché that ‘consumers want to be treated as individuals' was not a cliché at all, but in fact, a universal truth! Many found that persisting in mass advertising in a bid to get a consumer to open their wallet in this economic climate was tantamount to prising open a barnacle at low tide with your bare hands. It was just about the damn hardest lesson they were taught!

Speak to any of the top marketing gurus and they will tell you that everything about advertising and marketing is now encapsulated in the phrase "response-driven advertising" – the days of pure above-the-line brand parading are fast coming to an end – every Rand invested needs to have a measurable response.

Going forward, I see a well-regulated, coordinated and orchestrated industry that is in harmony. We have thrown down the gauntlet to all DM players to raise the bar and there is only one way that standards can go, and that's up. The proverbial wheat will be separated from the chaff and to this end we are going to see the Assegai Awards as we have never seen them before. Not only is it challenging, it's thoroughly exciting. Make sure you are part of the journey!

Looking forward to connecting with you through the Little Black Book!

Kind regards,

Vikesh Roopchand
Chairman - DMASA

Assegai Awards 2013 entry categories

2013 has been an exciting year for the Assegai Awards. Thirty industry specialists created a forum in order to re-evaluate the award categories, criteria and ROI evaluation. Certain of the categories have been combined, while others, like the CRM and Loyalty categories have been separated. We are also excited to have had significant input from Joost van Nispen, our international judge for 2012 and 2013.


Gala Dinner

Don't miss out on the chance to increase your connections, add to your little black book and dress to the nines at this year's glamorous Gala Dinner, where we celebrate the Direct Marketing industry's best and brightest.

Date: Thursday, 21 November 2013

Time:18:15 for 19:00

Venue: Vodacom World Events (082 Vodacom Boulevard; Vodavalley; Midrand)

Dress: Formal

RSVP: The Assegai Awards Office
Nadine: (011) 894-2767 or

Ticket: R800 pp excl VAT, 10% discount on bookings of 10 or more.

CASH BAR AVAILABLE. Any requirements to run a tab for the evening for your table need to be made in advance. Please contact Nadine to set this up.

Please note that bookings and RSVP are essential. Seats are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Contact Us

Coordinator's Office:


+27 11 894 2767


Teresa Settas or Nadine Nagel




0861 362 362 / 011 577 2600


2012 Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards Winners

The awards were individually scored by an expert panel of judges and the final scores were audited by an independent auditor. The Leader awards, which were introduced in 2011, are those entries that could qualify in terms of their final audited scores for an Assegai award. From the leader awards, the top scoring campaigns are then awarded gold, silver and bronze awards.

Did You Know?

Direct Marketing trends

The Direct Marketing Association of South Africa has identified the following key trends in the industry.

  • Trend 1 100% Brand Alignment & Leveraging
  • Trend 2 Channel Leveraging – Social Media Integration
  • Trend 3 Leveraging Database/Intelligence/Client Insights
  • Trend 4 Direct Market Niching
  • Trend 5 Market of One & Pressure Valve Release
  • Trend 6 Direct Segmentation & Pareto Management
  • Trend 7 Organisational Cohesion & ERM
  • Trend 8 Proactive Customer Value Management /ROI Based
  • Trend 9 New Technology & Integration into the Direct Discipline
  • Trend 10 Testimonial & Brag Direct Marketing
  • Trend 11 Design Rules... Breaking the Clutter
  • Trend 12 Video Based Information and Engagement

Want to know more? Come to the DMASA Conference in February 2014 and be In The Know!

What are those who are in the know saying about Direct Marketing?

From around the world, thought leaders are examining these questions. The answers are out there... at our fingertips. Go and explore!

In this [] article, journalist Eric Krell explores the art of content and what it means in the digital age.

Local brand and communication guru, Hilton Rose, sheds a little light on trends and the future of marketing here [].

The world of social media is one that some companies have leapt into feet-first, while some approach it with trepidation. In this [] piece, Lara O'Reilly discussed UK supermarket chain, ASDA's interesting approach to the social media phenomenon.

And on a lighter note, Mark Etingchap lampshades the public view on social media marketing here [].

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Click on the blue "Login/Register" tab on the top right of the book.

Enter your username and password. Check the "Remember me" button if you want the website to remember your login details.

Click on the "Click here to register" link and complete your details.


Ensure you are logged in.

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An automatic confirmation will appear with your entry code - this will also be automatically emailed to you – as well as a link to download the entry form. Save the entry form for completion offline. NB* The entry code must appear on every page of the entry form as well as all entry collateral.

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Once you have completed the entry form and are 100% happy, go back to the website entry page and select the "Upload an entry form" link. This will give you a list of all the entries that you have not yet uploaded entry forms for.

Click the "Browse" button for the relevant entry to locate your completed entry form. Click on the "Submit" button. If this is your first entry you will be directed to a page to complete your invoicing details, otherwise you will be returned to the entry page.

You can view all your completed entries by clicking on the "View all completed entries link".



Direct Mail

The Direct Marketing industry has long known that sending direct mail to specific target markets is effective. The South African Post Office' Direct Mail Centre guides you in making bulk mailing of addressed or unaddressed campaigns simple and cost-effective. A variety of direct mail solutions and direct mail of all sizes, weights and formats are effectively handled to bring Return on Investment to your bottom line.

For more information, contact at the South African Post Office.


Unaddressed mail is one of the most cost-effective ways to get the message out there and grab the attention of prospective clients, whether you are using pamphlets, brochures, local newspapers, household circulars or trade samples. Using this medium is made all the more enticing when you consider that the South African Post Office can help you pin-point your target market through sophisticated Geomapping technology and a very detailed and accurate geographic database, the Enhanced Spatial Platform.

For more information, contact at the South African Post Office.

3D Mail

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, and that goes for your 3D mail campaign. The South African Post Office understands that direct mail needs to remain relevant and interesting, and this means allowing campaigns to be creative. Feel free to experiment with package shapes – non-rectangular, circular, oblong, triangular… any size, any weight, any material ... the options are endless.

For more information, contact at the South African Post Office.


Magazines and newspapers aren't your average piece of mail – and they shouldn't be treated as such! With their larger size, it would be easy to pay high rates for sending or distributing these, but with Magmail, magazines, newspapers and newsletters can be identified easily and processed at the specially negotiated rates for your bulk mailing. On top of that, your recipients will immediately recognise the Magmail packaging, keeping you top of mind and relevant.

For more information, contact at the South African Post Office.

Response Mail

Direct mail serves more than just one purpose. If you need to build up your database, do a survey, complete research, or need market response for any other reason, Response Mail is the answer. The inclusion of a Business Reply Service envelope with your mailer can make all the difference to your addressed bulk campaign. Research even shows that the ROI is significantly larger than on non-response campaigns... and the rates for this type of mail are excellent through the South African Post Office!

For more information, contact at the South African Post Office.

Test Mail

You think your campaign is brilliant, but you want to test it on the market before investing in a bulk mailing. Fortunately, this is made simple and cost-effective by the South African Post Office's Test Mail offering. Test your message, clarify your target audience and get real, measurable data – all before the campaign launches!

For more information, contact at the South African Post Office.

Hybrid Mail

Need to send regular, large-volume communication, but don't have the infrastructure to do the mail handling? Don't worry about setting up a costly internal mail-handling centre – speak to the South African Post Office about Hybrid Mail instead! Your company simply provides the Hybrid Mail centre with the electronic versions of your mails, and the South African Post Office will handle the printing, sorting, folding and posting for you, efficiently and cost-effectively.

For more information, contact at the South African Post Office.


From renewing your PO Box to Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment... from postal code lookups to e-messaging… from address updates to philately... it's all just part of the e-Postal offering from the South African Post Office. Visit today!